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  • Get an instance power bill Tax Write off


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Go Solar You save up to 80% & more off your monthly electric bill.

Electric rate: $250 a month

With Solar: $40 a month






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Why Solar:

Solar is proven technology, very affordable, and extremely efficient. Most components of a solar system carry a 25-year manufacturer and performance warranty. That's some serious PEACE OF MIND!

Homeowners are eligible to earn a 30% Federal Tax Credit on the purchase of a solar electric system installed on their primary residence. 

A typical homeowner will generate free, renewable electrical power for the life of the panels (est. 40-years).

According to the US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy indicate that homes with solar sell twice as fast as homes without.

A $1 reduction in annual electricity bills translates into a $20 increase in home value. This means that saving $1000 per year in energy costs could mean a $20,000 increase in home value. The increase in home value comes from both the perception of increased resale value and the actual energy savings produced by the solar array.

The Return on Investment (ROI) on a solar system continues to get better as utility prices increase (and they always increase!)

Installing a solar electric system is the only opportunity that a homeowner has to take control of their utility bills. Homeowners become their own power plant and purchase electricity directly from them. It truly defines the words _ ENERGY INDEPENDENCE.

In addition to producing power, a solar electric system does great things for the environment as it reduces the amount of natural resources needed to produce power. A standard 3KW system will prevent approximately 510 lbs. of coal from being burned, 900 lbs. of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, and 215 gallons of water from being consumed EACH MONTH!


Solar power helps to slow/stop global warming. Global warming threatens the survival of human society, as well as the survival of countless species. Luckily, decades (or even centuries) of research have led to efficient solar panel systems that create electricity without producing global warming pollution. Solar power is now very clearly one of the most important solutions to the global warming crisis.

Solar power saves society billions or trillions of dollars. Even long before society's very existence is threatened by global warming, within the coming decades, global warming is projected to cost society trillions of dollars if left unabated. So, even ignoring the very long-term threat of societal suicide, fighting global warming with solar power will likely save society billions or even trillions of dollars.

Solar power provides energy reliability. The rising and setting of the sun is extremely consistent. All across the world, we know exactly when it will rise and set every day of the year. While clouds may be a bit less predictable, we do also have fairly good seasonal and daily projections for the amount of sunlight that will be received in different locations. All in all, this makes solar power an extremely reliable source of energy.

Solar power provides energy security. On top of the above reliability benefit, no one can go and buy the sun or turn sunlight into a monopoly. Combined with the simplicity of solar panels, this also provides the notable solar power advantage of energy security, something the US military has pointed out for years, and a major reason why it is also putting a lot of its money into the development and installation of solar power systems.

Solar power provides energy independence. Similar to the energy security boost, solar power provides the great benefit of energy independence. Again, the fuel for solar panels cannot be bought or monopolized. It is free for all to use. Once you have solar panels on your roof, you have an essentially independent source of electricity that is all yours. This is important for individuals, but also for cities, counties, states, countries, and even companies.



Saving may vary base on utilities rate increase or decreases. Available in select areas.

Some restrictions may apply. Subject to change without notice. Please call for more details.

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